Family business

After arriving from California, I needed a mechanic. My son had been to Awesome and sent me there. My Toyota warranty was just up and I refused to pay dealer prices. This is where it all started. Awesome Automotive is more than just a place to take your car for repairs, it is a Family business. To say they do a great job is an understatement. To say the pricing is fair is another understatement. To say the pride they take in the work they perform is wonderful is, yep, an understatement. I'd like to know what mechanic you've been to where you can leave your credit card number and not worry about theft? Awesome is where! Myself, my son and my 85 year old mother all go to Awesome and will NEVER go anywhere else. You have a mechanic you've been going to for years you say? You are looking for a mechanic that does real work and doesn't over charge? You are looking for a Family environment with ethical work? I suggest you make a trip to Awesome and see what Ed and his wife are all about. Thanks to both of you, for everything. Your lifetime customer. Harry's Mom :0)
Kathryn Bates